Welcome to Papua New Guinea!

We are a local family owned operator who are well versed in both Milne Bay’s rich cultural heritage and it's role in WWII.

Our tours allow you to interact with local villagers in a way that gives you a real glimpse into our way of life. 

Papua New Guinea is a frontier cruise tourism destination and for those with an adventurous spirit we offer beauty in a relatively untouched environment. 

We can't wait to warmly welcome you to our shores and will do our absolute best to ensure that you leave having had the trip of a life time. 


Our tours are focused around two authentic Papua New Guinea villages and Milne Bay, which is steeped in WWII history.

Our village tours explore a range of activities at Bawilai and Gopaia Cultural Villages and will give you an insight into our way of life.

We also offer a comprehensive Battle of Milne Bay WWII history tour, which covers the five important sites  along the 25 km Battle of Milne Bay WWII History Trail.

If you would like a little of both, we have combo options available, so we can certainly find one to match your interests. The combo trips are usually around 3.5 - 4 hours long.


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  • Address:  PO Box 951, Alotau, Alotau, Papua New Guinea
  • Phone:  +675 7431 4002


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